(REUTERS 21ST APRIL) Riley Keough, Elvis Presley’s oldest grandchild, premiered her new film “Jack and Diane” on Friday (April 20) at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Keough plays a lesbian named Diane who falls in love with a tomboy named Jack, portrayed by Juno Temple. Once Jack learns Diana would have to end their whirlwind love affair to go to school in Europe, their relationship is tested. As Diane’s love for Jack grows she is faced with werewolf-like visions, which has caused many to label the flick as a lesbian werewolf film. However, director and writer Bradley Rust Gray described his film as only five percent horror and 95 percent love.

“The idea of a creature in the film is more about showing how one of the characters feels when she can’t really describe her inward fears of falling in love. And so, it’s a manifestation of those insecurities,” Gray told Reuters.

“I think it’s a sweet story, it’s a love story and then there is some sort of fantasy element to it that’s a little bit… It’s not a horror movie if you’re going to see like a horror, it’s not that. It’s not like some erotic like werewolf lesbian thing, it’s just a love story,” added Keough.

Keough, a former model, went through a transformation for the role, cutting and dying her hair dark brown. Gray also asked Keough and Temple to live together in order to create authentic chemistry.

“We moved in together right when we got there and lived together for two months and – so we were pretty much together 24 hours a day, every day, working and then going home together. And so I think that really quickened our friendship and it was easier to do things we did in the movie,” Keough said.

Australian pop-star Kylie Minogue plays dual roles in the film as an actress and she is also featured on the films soundtrack.

“It’s nice, she also sings in a style that fits the music, which is also a little bit different than her style. I think the songs came out really nice,” said Gray.

The movie marks Keough fifth film role, which is increasing her profile in Hollywood. When asked how her famous mother, Lisa Marie Presley, and grandmother Priscilla Presley help keep her grounded, she said advice only comes when needed: “She doesn’t really tell – I mean, if I do something that she thinks is, you know, wrong she would tell me, but she doesn’t really tell me much.”

“Jack and Diane” is scheduled to have a wider release in November.