Bus in which suspicious baggage was found

Norwegian police said on Wednesday July 27th an abandoned suitcase they removed from a bus using a robot at Oslo’s central station posed no danger.

“Nothing was found of interest for the police so we are finished now, we’re done, we’re opening everything,” Police chief superintendent Tore Barstad told reporters.

He also said the suitcase search likely had nothing to do with the bombing and shooting on Friday that took 76 lives.

The station was evacuated after a suspicious suitcase was discovered on a bus, and all train and bus service was halted.

Jack Vaadahl, the driver of a bus scheduled to travel to Oslo airport, told reporters that he reported the suspicious suitcase to station security personnel.

NTB news agency said someone apparently placed a suitcase on an airport-bound bus near railway track 19 and then left. (REUTERS)